Back to normal (almost)

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As the Omicron variant takes over, Covid-19 seems to be turning into one of those coronaviruses which (like some other non-corona viruses) cause the ‘common cold’ in its various manifestations. If so, that means that the virus is unlikely to go away altogether and may become ‘endemic’. However Omicron is less dangerous than earlier variants for those who have acquired resistance through vaccination or through previous infection and recovery.
Over 98% of the population of the UK now has antibodies to Covid-19. It remains advisable for the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, unless they have previously been infected and recovered, which may provide longer-lasting protection than vaccination. However always consult your medical practitioner before making any decision regarding vaccination and all other health matters.
We at Discerning Traveller are optimistic that 2022 will be well on the way back to normality for international leisure travel. We are already receiving plenty of enquiries and bookings for walking tour holidays in England and Wales this coming spring and summer.

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