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Important notes about start dates on our ‘Dorset Coast & Purbeck Ridgeway’ hiking tour…

The third day (Day 3) of the D6 and D8 tours (Lulworth Cove to Kimmeridge) follows designated and marked footpaths (locally known as ‘range walks’) across a military training zone (artillery live firing range) which is completely closed to the public on Mondays to Fridays (except at peak holiday periods) but open on most weekends (except for 6 weekends per year).

In 2020 the tour can thus start any Thursday or Friday except: 20 & 21 February, 12 & 13 March, 11 & 12 June, 17 & 18 September, 1 & 2 October, 12 & 13 November.

On account of the Bovingdon Tank Fest (a weekend-long military display, which brings 1000’s of visitors to Purbeck) Thursday 25 and Friday 26 June 2020 are also not possible starting dates.

The military zone is also open during the main school holiday periods, so in 2020 during the inclusive periods Thursday 2 April to Friday 17 April, Thursday 21 May to Friday 29 May, and Thursday 23  July to Friday 28 August the tour can start any day.

It is possible that the summer open period may be extended for 1 more week at the beginning of September. Please ask us about this.

Please note that there is no hazard or risk attached to following the range walks on open days provided you keep strictly to the clearly marked paths. Day 3 of this tour takes you through some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in England, so don’t be put off by the restriction!

For a hiking tour on the Dorset coast path NOT restricted as to starting days please see our Jurassic Coast tour (factsheet code FSJ).


  1. Accommodation in Purbeck tends to be heavily booked in advance for late May, late July and August, so please book early!
  2. In recent years we have occasionally had difficulty in getting accommodation at Kimmeridge and Steeple (normally nights 3 and 4 of this tour) for particular weekends. We have sometimes been able to get round this by using accommodation at Corfe Castle instead (if all of the small number of B&Bs at Kimmeridge are full), but it will of course help if you can provide alternative starting dates. Staying at Corfe Castle will not prevent you from completing all the walks, although the sequence of days may be affected. We will only use such a substitution with your prior agreement.