Prospects for 2021 tours

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The UK government is expected to issue new rules re lockdowns and travel on Monday 12 April. However it is already clear that travel into the UK for residents of other countries (except Ireland) will continue to be more difficult than travel within England and Wales for UK/Ireland residents. At present Discerning Traveller is not accepting new bookings from UK/Ireland residents for tours with start dates earlier than 1 June; or new bookings from non-UK residents for tours with start dates earlier than 1 July.

Currently the chief difficulties for incoming tourists are (a) the requirement to show documentary evidence of a negative Covid-19 test made within 3 days of starting your journey to the UK; (b) the requirement to quarantine at a single address for up to ten days after arrival in the UK; and (c) the requirement to have another negative test after arrival in the UK. While requirement (b) remains in force it will be almost impossible to travel to England and Wales for a walking tour holiday. This is not a good situation for us or for our potential customers. We hope that things will soon improve.

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