Still no good prospects for visitors to Britain this summer

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Update to UK’s green list. On 24 June the UK government updated its ‘traffic light’ colour lists, but there are still very few countries on the green list. The only green list territories in Europe are Malta, the Balearic Islands, Gibraltar and Madeira. There are no green list countries in N America. For full details see

Red and amber list visitors. People arriving in Britain from red or amber territories, or who have been in a red or amber list territory during the previous 10 days, will have to quarantine for 10 days (in practice 11 nights) after arrival and also take two further Covid-19 tests at their own expense during the quarantine period.

Green list visitors. Those arriving from green list countries will not have to quarantine, but will need to have proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken during the previous 3 days and take one further PCR test at their own expense on the 2nd or 3rd day of their stay.

Returning home from Britain. On account of the recent renewed spread of the virus, including the new Delta variant, in parts of England and Scotland there is still a significant risk of contracting Covid-19 while in Britain. Some countries are placing restrictions, such as quarantine, on their own residents returning from Britain. You should be aware of your own government’s current rules on this issue.

British residents. British residents and those coming to Britain from the associated Common Travel Area, which includes the whole of Ireland and the Channel Islands, are not currently subject to any restrictions on movement within the UK. However you should be aware of the current incidence and distribution of the Covid-19 virus. There is a useful interactive map, updated daily, at  Scroll down and click on ‘View map’. You can zoom in on any area on the UK to see the current level of new cases.

Thanking of booking? At Discerning Traveller we are no longer accepting bookings for start dates in August 2021 for visitors from overseas, or for start dates in July 2021 for British residents.  In any case please contact us by e-mail if you are thinking of booking a tour this year. It may be prudent to delay until 2022.

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